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Hello Visitors! Please Read - Rares - 10-23-2017 11:31 AM

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Welcome to Waifu Central! Waifu Central a place for people who have an affection for characters from fiction, to express their feelings with like-minded people, or for anyone else who has sympathies with the subject matter. Most members here have affections for characters from the TV series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", but this is by no means a MLP exclusive site, and anyone with any waifu from any medium is welcome by all means.

Some members, but not all, also have tulpas. If you are interested in the creation of a tulpa or the subject matter, you can access the sub-forum which contains plenty of information and advice on how to create one.

The forums here pride themselves on being rather private compared to other sites, and this allows for members to feel more comfortable in posting. In order to access the forum, you must go through a two-step verification process. First, you must register an account which will need to be activated by an administrator. Once this is done, you'll be granted access to the introduction forum, where you're encouraged to make an introductory post about who you are, and whoever you may have feelings for. Then, after your introductory post is approved by an administrator, you'll have full access to the whole site.

With all that out of the way, once again welcome to Waifu Central, and we would love to see you around here!

If you have any questions prior to joining, please feel free to email me at iffoundreturntorarity@gmail.com.

Thank you, and have a fabulous day!